Reta’s Story

About Reta

Welcome to Reta Cosmetics, where your skin’s health and beauty are our top priorities. Although our Founder began her journey with a degree in accounting, her heart always gravitated towards creativity and innovation. Today, she’s channeled that passion into the realm of cosmetics and skincare. Drawing upon her deep understanding of skincare, she is committed to continuously expanding her knowledge, ensuring that Reta Cosmetics remains at the forefront of the beauty industry. Reta Cosmetics strives to make every individual feel radiant, confident, and celebrated. Here’s to investing in our skin and showcasing our best selves every day.

Our History
“Quality ingredients come together in harmony to create quality products. I believe in these so much, it is all I use.”
Eco-friendly products

Crafted from an array of Natural resources


perfect For Any skin Type.

Versatile and inclusive skincare that adapts to the diverse needs of individuals. No matter your skin type, these products offer a harmonious balance to help you achieve your desired complexion.


clean. aromatic. Desirable.

These products not only nurture your skin but also engage your senses, making each skincare routine a pleasurable and coveted experience.


Natural Skincare You Need.

A collection of products harnessed from the Earth’s bounty, delivering the essential nourishment your skin craves. Making these products indispensable allies for those seeking a holistic and environmentally-conscious approach to skincare.

Chemical Free

The natural dermatologist
your skin needs.

Clean Ingredients
All Skin Types Welcomed